The Multibook will impress your friends, by making them think you can read giant hardcover books when you're actually just using it to charge your gear.

Where it might be found: Displayed prominently on the coffee table, covering "Our Dumb Century"; on the nightstand hiding your comic books/condoms/"I Can Read" books.

All You Need on Your Night Table? The Multibook contains a digital alarm clock and several plugs to charge your various gadgets, and there's ample room to stash your chargers when you aren't using them.

Best Feature: An LED-based lamp for when you're afraid of the dark/want to make shadow puppets.

It's available across the pond for $222, but only charges devices at England's 220V rate (which means you'd need to get a converter). Here's hoping the 110V version will be half the price. (Mulitbook from Rotaliana)