Most of us know the Ten Commandments (or at least the important ones), but how well do any of us know all the rules of the Bible and adhere to them?

For one year, A.J. Jacobs carefully studied the Old and New Testaments and did his best to follow every law to the letter. He grew a beard; stopped cursing; stoned adulterers (well, he did what he could) and wrote about the experience in the witty, insightful memoir, "The Year of Living Biblically."

For those of you who can't wait for the Cliffs Notes version of the book to arrive, we asked Jacobs to give us a top 10 list of the weirdest and toughest laws in the Bible.

With Solomonic wisdom, he offered up two top five lists: one of the weirdest laws, the other of the toughest.

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