Sure, you want a wife who will love you unconditionally, raise your children and wash your dirty socks. But you live in an Asian village in the middle of nowhere. How do you convince that special someone that she could be happy with you in the boonies for the rest of your lives?

Cold hard cash -- or at least the promise of a better quality of life.

At least, that's what many men think. There's a growing trend of Asian men from rural villages casting about in poor countries like Vietnam and the Philippines to find women who are willing to relocate.

Desperate dudes will pay a marriage broker as much as $20,000 to fly them out to a poor country like Vietnam, set them up with a mate and quickly map out their future.

"They meet each other in the morning and get married in the afternoon," Mary Kim, vice president of the Inchon Women's Hotline -- which offers language training and counseling to foreign brides -- is quoted as saying. "Then they go to a hotel. It's a very abnormal way to get married."

Question raised: Are men helping to improve the lives of these women or just buying slaves?

Maybe those guys should try to be nicer to the women and woo them with gifts?

Hey could also try some seduction with music.