When you're looking to wrestle, a couple of foodstuffs immediately come to mind: Jell-O and chocolate syrup. But did you realize that a favorite side dish is just begging to be tussled in?

Oh, yes, picnic fans: In Coleslaw Wrestling, fierce ladies get steeped in cabbage and oil and compete to win $500. The hallowed tradition of Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Fla., inspires half-naked ladies to drop their Harleys in favor of dropping opponents in a bucket of the green stuff.

Deemed "The premier event of Daytona Bike Week" by some, Coleslaw Wrestling is reportedly more infamous than the Itty Bitty Ta-Ta Contest.

Question raised: What other obscure substances do people use to get their headlock on? Give us a heads up in the comments, and we'll investigate.

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