What is it about sugary-sweet marshmallow Peeps that makes us want to violate them, dress up them up and take pictures?

Peeps have used their mind-numbing cuteness to take over the Internet with over 200 websites, as well as two Peeps diorama photo contests hosted by the Seattle Times and the Washington Post. They have been the best-selling, non-chocolate Easter candy for a decade, and the amount of Peeps that will be eaten this year, if lined up, would circle the globe.

Behold -- the chameleon power of Peep that makes Meryl Streep look like an amateur.

Want more weirdness? Get a load of these:

Want to see something easy on the eyes?

And if you're jonesing for crafty uses for peeps (and who isn't?), Real Simple has plenty. (Alright, forward the link to your lady.)