Still trying to convince your lady to let you play on the after-work softball team?

Tell her sports are better for more than just getting a little cardio. A new U.K. study finds that men who participate on teams have better mental health and less depression.

Part of this can be attributed just to the endorphin rush you get from running around like an idiot, yet lead researcher Alan Pringle says men benefit from their friendships with teammates.

Depressed people can become "lethargic and withdrawn" notes Pringle but "people who wouldn't normally go out, will play football."

The study's results were pretty overwhelming: Nine out of ten participants said they felt happier after joining a team, in part because of the increased confidence from competing -- 70 percent reported being more optimistic about the future.

So if you're lying on your sofa, covered in potato-chip crumbs and thinking of slitting your wrists, it might not be a bad idea to see if there are any leagues in your area.