While visiting Australia a little while ago, Cee-Lo (along with Gnarls Barkley) decided to give a sartorial shout-out to those wonders from down under, AC/DC. You might not always want to dress like you just got out of fifth grade (or Angus Young), but when you do, Cee-Lo is the man to lead the way.

Find the Bastured Corduroy Jacket in Golf Grey:
So you don't have to mug a prep school kid for his blazer. ($295 from penguinclothing.com)

Chor Grey 3/4 Length Shorts: Bermuda shorts are the male equivalent of stirrup pants. Don't get that reference? Consider Cee-Lo's knee fat, and don't even get us started on the socks. ($11.98 from Hottopic.com)

White Single Cuff Smart Shirt: Apparently, Smart Shirt is British for wrinkle-free. ($42 from Topman.com)

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Core Ox: Ah, celebrities. They're just like us. ($30 from Piperlime.com)

School Colors Striped Tie: Normally we wouldn't recommend Catholic-school uniform components, but a 300-pound bald man in a pair of shorts can't be wrong. ($15.99 from AbsoluteTies.com)