Ever been in a foreign hotel and seen a sign that directed you to "Slip carefully"?

We've been there. English is a tricky language, and translating it can be just about impossible.

We're all for being worldly, but we're also amazed and amused by the wonderful mistakes people around the world make with that verbal stew known as English.

Here are some of the best we found on the Web, but feel free to send us your own discoveries.

(And before you mention it, we know us native English speakers make plenty of misteaks, too. Look for the domestic edition of this gallery below.)

Awkward Signs
"Shcool"? That ain't right. Click the picture to see further proof of how easy it is to really mess up a message.
Awkward Signs

Awkward Signs

    Kids -- if you see this on the way to school and don't notice something is wrong, stay there.

    "Hey is that a stop sign?"

    "Okay I guess I'll drive right on..."

    Any construction work carried out by the people that made this sign is unlikely to be "saf", "saff" or indeed "sayfe".

    Good save, guys.

    The Hells Angels have a bad reputation, but are actually very good spellers. This mistake made them cry.

    "Simply Fashions" vs. "Simply Fashion": Spelling mistake, or the greatest co-incidence in clothing store history?

    Fatal electrocution AND a $200 fine? That's bad luck.

    Ho made chili? That's $25 extra.

    We hope this is a spelling mistake -- but if not, our "horny" is feeling a little tender...

    Ass Manager? Hey, it's a living.

Non-English speakers make a lot of mistakes with their English translations. But we're the ones who invented the language -- so we don't have to translate it. Shouldn't our signs all be correct? Sadly, no.

We're worse:

Misspelled Signs: Domestic Edition