When a male sex addict uses Facebook to find women, it's disturbing and creepy. When a woman does the same thing, it's news, at least according to the English newspaper Metro.

Laura Michaels, 23, from Bristol in the U.K., got to work getting it on with strangers by setting up a Facebook group called "I Need Sex." She invited men to contact her with a picture, and said she would meet up with those she liked. The group reportedly had 35 members in its first ten minutes, and soon blossomed to 100. Michaels then reportedly slept with 50 of these men.

"I know that it was risky behavior, but that was part of the thrill," she says, somewhat unabashedly, in an interview. "I was satisfying my own desires by setting up the group."

The group and her profile have since been removed from Facebook, she says.

We would have found this story much more newsworthy if the group was still around.