(Our happy-hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.)

A boy in Washington State is recovering after having a butter knife removed from his head.

According to NBC's "Today Show," 11-year-old Tyler Hemmert was sitting on a bench with a friend when another boy threw a knife at them.

Unfortunately Tyler failed to duck -- and four inches of the blade lodged in his head between his scalp and skull.

"I freaked out when I could actually see the handle, but when I freaked out I just tried to tell myself to stay calm and stuff," the boy told NBC.

Doctors were eventually able to remove the knife, and Tyler is expected to make a full recovery. (And depending on how the wound heals, he might even come out of this with a handy place to keep his Swiss Army knife.)

After the jump, see another view of the boy's injury -- and read what his father wants to happen to the kid who did it.

"I don't really want to see the kid jailed or hung from the yardarms or anything," the boy's father told NBC. "But he definitely needs something -- some consequences, some sort of anger management classes. Something. I don't want to see him punished, per se. But I do want something taken care of on this."