(Our happy-hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.)

Almost indestructible floating logos made out of soap and bubbles could soon be invading the skies with ads -- if a new company's press release is to be believed.

The soapy ads -- "Flogos" -- are about a foot wide and amazingly sturdy for something made out of foam.

They generally fly to heights of 500 feet, but (according to inventor, Francisco Guerra) can get as high as 20,000 feet if not interrupted by birds, planes or rain.

"They will fly for miles," said Guerra. "They are durable so they last a while. "The secret is our formulation and equipment. We're able to keep the cloud together for a long time."

One machine can pump out a new logo every 15 seconds, raising the terrifying prospect of an army of Mickey Mouse ears, car logos or drink brands filling the sky from now until the end of time.

We'd be lying if we said we weren't worried .... then again, the ads of yesteryear were pretty disturbing, too.