OK, so technically it's breaking a federal law to distill spirits for human consumption without a commercial license. Our lawyers tell us it's totally wrong and morally reprehensible.

But for a moment, let's say making high-powered booze is cool with the feds and our lawyers know nothing about morals. In this fantasy world, wouldn't it be great to have your friends over and get them breathtakingly intoxicated on a batch of homemade liquor?

If we're talking in theoretical terms, we answer that question with a resounding "Yes." But our imagination is somewhat limited. How can it be done (in a pretend way)?

Fortunately, Instructables, a user-generated how-to site, has a few different options for constructing your own mini-distillery. The directions we liked best were easy to follow and promised a product that won't blind you -- a nice reassurance, even when fantasizing.