It was only last month when former actress and playwright Tricia Walsh-Smith, in the midst of splitting with her husband, produced a YouTube video to air the couple's dirty laundry. "One More Crazy Day in the Life of a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes" recounted the couple's sex life and discussed the husband's stash of porn and Viagra. Harsh.

Now another ex-husband is the target of a revenge campaign. Pasha Cummings, who lives in the English town of Seaham, has had hundreds of pictures of his naked butt plastered all over town on lampposts and bus stops.

Under his behind, the posters read, "Pasha Cummings: lying, cheating, two-timing arse! Sandra Beckworth is no better." Cummings says he thinks it's the work of his ex-wife, who left the country (coincidentally?) on the day the posters appeared. The two broke up in September after six years, and Cummings has since started seeing Beckworth (who is also his boss).

While these are the most recent tales we've come across of angry women publicly airing their dirty laundry, we're sure there are many more (likely much worse).

Question raised
: Do you know of any stories of whacked-out women getting back at cheating guys? What's the worst way you've been burned?