Who are the real lesbians: girls who like other girls, or people who happen to live on the Aegean Island of Lesbos?

A group from the island of 100,000 has filed a formal complaint in Greek court claiming that the international use of the word violates their human rights and is a disgrace. They're currently trying to get the court to order the "homosexual and lesbian community of Greece to change their name," and have said that, if successful, they will continue to press their case to fight for the meaning of the word in other parts of the world.

"Our case is an attempt to end the insult that our island is suffering, both in Greece and internationally," Dimitris Lambrou, a magazine publisher and one of three plaintiffs, said in court. Another of the islanders in the courtroom was wearing a badge that read, "I am Paul and I am a Lesbian"

The island is where the female poet Sappho was from, and her love poems inspired the use of the word, and have made it a popular travel destination for gay women.

The court has heard both sides of the argument and will make a ruling in less than two months.