The debut of the TV show "Swingtown" had us going undercover to investigate what the swinger lifestyle is really all about. We had no idea that the story would get such a response. More than a few of our readers seemed open to the idea, and even excited by it.

Be aware, though, it's not advisable for you and your partner to start swapping bodily fluids with other random couples all willy-nilly. Consider learning the ground rules from online dating gurus Dan and Jennifer.

We've also included some swinging terminology after the jump.

Soft Swap: This can mean one of two things -- getting with other swingers for heavy petting and possibly oral sex or simply having sex with your mate in the same room as another couple. In either case, the rule is no intercourse, kind of like the majority of your high-school hookups.

Full or Hard Swap: Sticking with the high-school reference, this is going all the way. Apparently, there are some folks who are OK with the full swap, but prefer it if their significant other doesn't climax with their swing partner. In these cases, it's good to have a safe word or phrase, like, "Hey, you might want to get over here right now."

Baby Swinger: Someone who is new to swinging, not an actual small child.

Barbie and Ken: This is a term used to downplay expectations, as in, "My wife and I are no Barbie and Ken." FYI -- there are quite a few swingers that are no Barbie and Ken.

Daisy Chain: A configuration of four or more people who are orally servicing each other. A completed circle of swingers is considered a "Perfect Daisy Chain." If you failed geometry, it's probably best to let your new friends figure out the logistics of that one.

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