Back before those pesky rebels blew up the Death Star the second time, everything was going great -- the subways ran on time and the garbage got picked up every Tuesday. After the rebels took over, everything went to to hell -- breakdancing in the streets and a Jawa couple moved in next door. And oy, the graffiti!

To add to your urban geek collection, consider bidding on this sign of the far-off galaxy's urban decay: a graffiti-tagged AT-AT. The toy is on auction at Christie's, and is the brainchild of artists EASE and JK5.

And just in case your inner nerd isn't totally aroused, all the graffiti is written in Aurebesh, the fictional alphabet developed for the "Star Wars" films.

It's expected to go for $1,500-2,000, so don't even think of taking this toy out of the package.