Rollie Fingers might be the greatest and best-named relief pitcher in all of baseball history; however, that is not why we revere him.

At Asylum, we refer to Fingers as "The Mustached One." Besides being one of only a handful of relief pitchers to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Fingers' world-famous facial hair is an inspiration to us all.

With the mustached one in mind, we asked Jon Chattman, coauthor of "The Book of 'Bert,'" to give us a list of other famous people who have sported the handlebar. Only one other is a relief pitcher; the rest include a president, a philosopher and even a villainous cartoon.

The Most Stunning Handlebar Mustaches

    Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

    Rocker Eugene Hutz

    Artist Leroy Neiman

    Getty Images

    President William Taft

    Keystone View Co. / AP

    World Mustache Champion Willi Chevalier

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    Our muse, Rollie Fingers

    Glenn Hughes of The Village People (sporting what is often called a "biker handlebar")

    CBS Archive / Getty Images

    Prussian Minister Albrecht von Roon

    Hall of Fame relief pitcher Goose Gossage

    Richard Drew, AP

    Bad Guy Dick Dastardly

    Everett Collection