Bastille Day (July 14) is quickly approaching, and that, quite honestly, means nothing to most Americans. But maybe it should. After all, the French holiday does celebrate a prison storming that triggered a revolution, which is undoubtedly pretty cool.

We also think the 14 of July gives non-Frenchies the perfect opportunity to celebrate the nation's fantastic filles (that's French for "girls"). So we've collected a gallery of a few of our favorites.

Stars and Stripes -- Bikini Babes Go Patriotic

    God bless America,

    Jean-Paul Aussenard,

    Land that I love.


    Stand beside her,

    Tim Sloan, AFP / Getty Images

    And guide her,

    Through the night,

    Hopper Stone, NBC

    With the light from above.

    From the mountains,

    To the prairies,

    To the oceans,

    White with foam.

    Tom Grizzle, Getty Images