We're guessing Batman (i.e., Christian Bale) gets into his share of lingerie, but apparently actual bats have some game as well.

A British teenager recently discovered a baby bat hiding in one of the cups of her bra after wearing it at work for five hours. When she kept feeling vibrations coming from her blouse, 19-year-old hotel receptionist Abbie Hawkins thought her cell phone was ringing. But it turned out that a small winged mammal had tucked itself into the padded part of her brassiere.

The creature is thought to have infiltrated the underwear while it was drying on a clothesline the night before. Bats will roost anywhere that appears dark and safe, according to experts.

Hawkins says she felt bad for the bat. "It looked very snug in there and I thought how mean I was for disturbing it."

Question Raised: What would you do in you found a bat in your drawers?

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