(Checking in with the Asylum bureaus from around the world)

From Asylum UK: British pharmacy "Superdrug" has recently launched a line of cosmetics for males, including "Guyliner" and "Manscara." If the products sell well, they plan to extend the line to include a lip balm and cover-up.

The news inspired our English brothers to collect photos of manly makeup mistakes. Turns out that while Johnny Depp looks like a rock 'n' roll pirate in eyeliner, most guys just look confused. (Or in the case of Dave Navarro, like a pretty, pretty lady.)

From Asylum Italy: To mourn her move from porn to horror flicks, those Italian pervs have provided a gallery of Jenna Jameson pictures. We say, who needs a reason?

From Asylum Australia: Remember Natalie Imbruglia, the super-hot Aussie soap star who had a brush with U.S. fame about a decade ago when her song "Torn" became a hit? Let Asylum Australia's photo gallery jog your fuzzy memory.