If you're like us, you grew up with a deep appreciation of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and Victoria's Secret catalogs, though it had nothing to do with a love for swimsuits or lingerie.

This, of course, was during the 80s and 90s -- widely considered the "Supermodel Era." That meant the models in those publications, as well as on the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and a host of other magazines were all household names, not just the unattainable goals of teenage boys everywhere.

We did a little research to find out what those supermodels are up to now, and not surprisingly, it brought back waves of bittersweet post-pubescent nostalgia. After checking out the gallery below, you'll know what we mean.

80s Supermodels -- Where Are They Now

    Christie Brinkley The ultimate sun-kissed California blond, Christie reigned as America's sweetheart during the early 80s.


    Christie's recent tabloid divorce from fourth husband Peter Cook proves that just because a woman has her pick of men, it doesn't mean she is good at picking men.

    Gary Gershoff, WireImage.com

    Iman The quint-lingual (that means five) daughter of a Somali diplomat was legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent's "dream woman."


    Iman has been married to David Bowie since 1992, and currently hosts "Project Runway Canada."

    Jim Spellman, WireImage.com

    Cindy Crawford With her trademark mole and early embrace of "tasteful" nudity, the former high school valedictorian stood out even in the era of the supermodel.

    Ron Galella, WireImage.com

    These days Cindy does former supermodel stuff like charity work and being photographed with other famous people as she sunbaths in St. Tropez.

    Ben Rose, WireImage.com

    Christy Turlington Turlington's flawless skin made her the perfect pitchwoman for Maybelline's "Maybe She's Born With It Maybe it's Maybelline" ad campaign, and helped her become one of highest paid supermodels of all-time.

    Rose Hartman, WireImage.com

    Turlington is married to director-actor Ed Burns, and in 2006 she signed a multi-year deal to return to Maybelline. She also has no problem still posing in the buff, as evidenced by her work for PETA.


    Carol Alt Alt, labeled "the face" for her piercing blue eyes and pouty lips, appeared on over 500 magazine covers before abandoning the fashion industry for an acting career that never quite took off.

    Ron Galella, WireImage.com

    Alt has found success as a nutritional guru -- her two cook books promoting the virtues of the "raw diet" became national best sellers. She's also gone toe-to-toe with Trump on "The Apprentice."

    Justin Stephens, NBC