Home to the University of Texas and the SXSW music festival, Austin has long been a favorite destination for revelers. Evidently, that has given the city a leg up in a recent poll by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, leading Forbes magazine to dub it the "hardest-drinking city" in the U.S.

According to a 2007 poll, 61.5 percent of adult residents in Austin said they'd had a drink in the past 30 days, while 20.6 percent admitted to binge drinking during that time (having five or more drinks on a single occasion).

Residents admit that there are a lot of places to get your party on. "Sixth Street in Austin is like a tiny version of Bourbon Street," says Hunter Darby, manager of Austin's Dog & Duck Pub. "It caters a lot to a younger crowd who are right at age 21. They'll just go from bar to bar to bar."

Coming in second was Milwaukee, Wis., followed by San Francisco and Providence, R.I. To watch a slideshow with all the stats, click here.

This news comes concurrently with another study that shows Americans decrease their alcohol intake as they get older, and a large percentage don't drink at all by the time they get into their 80s.

Question Raised: Should Austin create planned communities where these few elderly drinkers can booze together?