A common misconception is that nerds can't get chicks. In actuality, many nerds could do alright with the ladies, but they are unmotivated, due to the fact that women rarely have a pet pterodactyl, like the one to the left.

That's why nerds have resorted to drawing their own porn (and we're grateful for it). The images are often of impossibly curvaceous babes in fur-lined, armor-plated bikinis riding dragons. Never mind that it makes no sense. It's all about lust with just a hint of fantasy violence thrown in the mix for kicks.

Below are a few examples of what we're talking about, and as an added bonus, we've embedded clips from "Heavy Metal" and "Wizards" after the jump.

(Editors Note: We didn't include anime because we didn't want to put together a 150,000-image gallery).

Fantasy Babes -- Dragons, Unicorns and Bikinis

    Slaying a dragon with a flaming sword while wearing a bikini and riding a unicorn/Pegasus should be an Olympic sport.

    Lone Grey Squirrel

    Final issue? It's hard to imagine that Dragon magazine could go under. What's next, Time?

    Dragon Magazine

    This creepy evil elf babe looks like she's either going to kill someone or masturbate.

    Daily Revolver

    Quick, duck! She can see you!

    Apple Blossom Art

    It is just us or does that woman seem to be excited by the prospect of getting licked by a devil tongue?

    Excessive chrome is a telltale detail common in late 80's nerd porn.

    It's amazing that more girls weren't tempted to play Dungeons and Dragons.

    Dragon babes in space? Sure, why not.


    Fur-lining cleavage keeps breasts just as warm as if they were covered up.

    Fortune City

    How many times have you been in this situation?