At the end of a long day, you need time to come home and relax. And after the Tesla/Delux war we thought we'd profile something a little less controversial.

So the question is -- what's going to get that blood pressure down? Is it the $30,000 dry jet massager, or 23-year-old Dizzy? The massager uses streams of water from 28 different nozzles to provide a shiatsu style massage. Dizzy is a Sin City model/party girl with the motto "No Regrets."

Check the comparison and vote after the jump.

Dry Water Jet Massager
Will give you a professional massage without that awkward stranger touch. Once you buy it, you also won't have to worry about tipping or missed appointments.
Con: It includes a smelly aromatherapy module to make you reek of a natural food store.
Pro: It has a DVD player and Bose Sound System, and can comfortably fit a body for when your time comes and you need a stylish coffin.
Con: Fires 28 water streams that will send your water bill into the stratosphere.

Dizzy DaMe
Pro: She tends to hang out with girlfriends who exclusively wear bathing suits.
Con: She'll probably be in porn and/or rehab within a year.
Pro: Among other gigs, Dizzy does photo shoots with X-Rated Productions.
Con: Has a red line through all the words in her MySpace profile, an indicator of instability.