September is National Mushroom Month, and while organizers presumably want to honor the shiitakes that jazz up salads, we can't help but think of the kind you eat in your parents' basement that makes your friends' faces melt.

Of course, after you pop a psychedelic portabella, you always want to blow your mind by staring at a trippy blacklight poster. While we haven't bought one of these glowing wall decorations since we were 12 and fascinated by Spencer's Gifts, they are a loyal bud to the serial hallucinator.

So in effort to expand consciousness, we present our favorite blacklight posters. And though we can't technically recommend you enjoy special mushrooms this month, perhaps these posters will help you recall a more innocent time of recreational drug use, when you regularly uttered the word, "Whoa."

Our Favorite Blacklight Posters

    Lucky for all of us, Planet Psychedelic Mushroom appears to be centrally located to Earth.

    "Caterpillars smoking hookahs" is just one distinct sub-genre of the blacklight community.

    We will be playing "Don't Fear the Reaper" on repeat as long as this poster remains on the wall.

    Too easy.

    Dude, it's cool to have a majestic beautiful unicorn on your wall, right?

    M'lady is packing the bowl.

    Dragon? Check. Wizard? Check. The only thing missing is a hot fantasy babe.

    The devil? Smoking a doob? Doesn't get more hardcore than that.

    Einstein was all about psychedelia.

    If this poster was on our wall, we'd never sleep again.