From "The Man with the Golden Arm" to "Trainspotting," heroin addiction and the battle to break free of it have been depicted throughout film history. Now studio execs may want to consider a dark sequel to "Dumbo" after the successful detox of a four-year-old bull elephant.

In an effort to control Xiguang for labor, traders fed the pachyderm smack-spiked bananas for several months. After they were arrested, the elephant was placed in treatment in the Chinese island province of Hainan and given methadone injections at five times the human dosage until he was weaned off the drug.

After three years, Xiguang -- which translates to "Big Brother" -- is no longer showing signs of withdrawal, and will be released into a wildlife park in Kunming, China, his original home province.

While he will most likely not write a memoir, because he is a non-human, we encourage Xiguang to tell his inspirational story to young elephants who may be experimenting with gateway drugs.