(Every week political pundits grace us with gaffes, hyperbole, violation of logic and just plain untruths. Every week we try to catch them because we are smart alecks.)

Donny Deustch, man of big, crazy ideas

CNBC's Deustch goes on a fascinating rant on why Sarah Palin is the most marketable women to ever walk the planet and he does this by literally objectifying her as a cereal. Palin-Os, anyone? He also embarrasses the studio hosts by being a little too free with his desires to mate with Palin and wake up with her lying next to him. Well played, sir. Well played.

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Terry Moran, possible victim of a cruel teleprompter prank
Race is always a difficult topic to talk about. But when the "Nightline" co-anchor attempts to explain Barack Obama's biracial heritage, he gets tripped up and the story comes out really gay.

Roland Martin, protector of his parents' legacy

"Don't mock community organizers," CNN analyst Roland Martin emotionally cries, after a GOP convention in which much sport was had at the expense of the occupation. "My parents were killed by community organizers." OK, what he actually said was, "My parents were community organizers," but he does get really worked up and angrily employs the faux-profanity "gives a flip."

Olbermann and Matthews, in the MSNBC doghouse
Sure they were both dropped from their anchor chairs this week, but Olbermann and Matthews will still get plenty of air time and, peeved by their demotions, will surely be exploring new levels outrageousness just to stick their fingers in the eyes of management. It should be must-see TV for any fan of great punditry.