Despite high gas prices, the allure of RV travel has not lost its appeal in America. RV and campground trade associations are saying 2008 appears to be just as busy as previous years, with an estimated 1.1 million-plus recreation vehicles rolling into National Park Service campgrounds.

So clearly, we love our houses on wheels. But settling for a modest rolling home, well, that borders on communism. What we're about is the biggest and best. We need to know what's out there in order to dream of luxury and excess.

To stoke these deeply American desires, we compiled a gallery of some of the most opulent RVs we could find -- the posh and pimped of portable abodes.

Pimped RVs to Travel the Country in Style

    The Heat is a double-decker RV that's towed by an 18-Wheeler. These are fully customizable, and built to spec for Hollywood stars. Some feature a 30-person screening room for when you absolutely have to see the dailies. And the price? This is what DeNiro rides, so fugghedaboutit.

    This luxurious interior comes from Unicat, and although the outside says "Waste Management" the inside is all luxury. We tracked down a $820,000 price tag for a used one, which includes a generator, a solar-power system and room for your motorcycle.


    There was a time when America was obsessed with airbrushing unicorns on our vans. The Japanese have continued and improved on that tradition with these manga modded vans. Go to the gallery of photographer Satoshi Minakawa to see more.

    Satoshi Minakawa

    Who wants to buy an RV then have to tow a car behind? Aside from all the standard amenities, this concept vehicle by Volkner Mobile has room for your sports car. Though it's not yet for sale, the final price will include a squeegee to remove that annoying kid's dirty fingerprints.

    You can crush the competition in an off-road RV race when you combine the typical Bounder RV with monster truck tires. Fleetwood's Bounder RV starts at $115,000, but if you get a flat, you'll have to borrow wheels from the local military base.

    This rental from AmericanRV Rentals puts a unique twist on the camper hybrid. It has a schoolbus chassis with a pop-up VW Bus. Show it off at your next NASCAR weekend for $1800 for 4 nights.

    If you live in Virginia Beach and have the money/time, you can rent this Gamer RV from GamerBus ($150/hr Fri/Sun). It includes 16 linked Xbox 360s, and a 23-inch LCD monitor. Perfect for the prom if you like Mountain Dew and GTA, and your date is a giant geek like you.

    Explorer Brian Brawdy shows the earth-loving possibilities of his custom Eco RV. There's a wind turbine on the back, solar panels, and a system to reclaim fresh drinking water -- from the rain, not from where you were thinking.

    By Land or By Sea the Terrawind does both. There's no ocean sailing, but you can float out to any lake or large pond. And when you get sick of swimming outside, there's an eight jet hot tub. It's only $1 million.

    According to Newmar, "tailgaiting is part of what makes this country great." And they're serious: The All Star has room for two power awnings, a built in TV that can be seen from the outside, room for two large coolers and storage for eight-foot tables, and best of all, a pullout grill. Base price is $250,000.