Lookout IMDB, there's a new Internet database in town, and it wants to infest your closet. Please Kill Me, wait no! Please Dress Me.

If you're looking for a T-shirt, be it unicorns humping or unicorns pooping marshmallows, Please Dress Me probably has the shirt you're looking for.

Now that our friends at Thrillist have alerted us to PDM, we shall never have to want for ironic, semi-ironic or deadly serious wear.

Other databases we've been known to frequent:

-- The Official "Star Wars" Databank. For the "Star Wars" fan that needs to know everything, which is to say, every "Star Wars" fan.

-- The Gutenberg Project. Enjoy 25,000 free books online, including audio books read by computers. This should not be confused with a database about all things Steve Guttenberg, but we hope one of those exists.

-- Chickipedia. All of your favorite ladies, cross-referenced!

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