We love Wonder Woman and we really love hot chicks that dress up as Wonder Woman. That said, we're pretty stoked about the newest rumor on Bam! Kapow! that the Wachowskis brothers might be doing the latest version of Wonder Woman.

Will it be hyper-stylized like "Speed Racer"? Or a brooding political drama like "V For Vendetta"? Or is this just another example of Hollywood dashing our hopes on the rocks?

Some director-comic book pairings we'd like to see at the theaters:

-- The Coen Brothers and "The Dark Tower." Come on, Coen Brothers, don't let J.J. Abrams f**k this up.

-- Peter Jackson and "Plastic Man." A "Plastic Man" man movie might be considered unfilmable by many comic books fans, but we think Peter Jackson's over-the-top style could do the trick.

-- James Cameron and "Aquaman." Starring Adrian Grenier.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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