We've known guys who treated their cars like high-maintenance girlfriends, but when you're drunk enough that a Toyota 4x4 looks like a potential lover, it's time to put down the bottle and stumble home. But one drunk guy bravely forged ahead and tried to have sex with a parked SUV, only have have his amorous encounter caught on video.

The unidentified man is shown with his pants around his ankles, futilely rubbing against the front end of the vehicle. Sometimes he appears to slow down as if on the verge of taking a nice nap on the hood of his partner, then redoubles his efforts before ending up spent and exhausted, his frustration evident, bare butt waving in the wind.

Finally, the police arrive on the scene, too late to save the virtue of the once-shiny Toyota, who, let's face it, shouldn't have been flaunting its headlights like that.

Check out the video of the sexploit after the jump -- due to the poor film quality, we're not totally sure if there's nudity involved, but you probably shouldn't watch it at work, anyway.