Being a CEO has all kinds of perks, from a really good parking space to the company jet. But perhaps the best part of being the big boss (other than making millions in severance) is that many women look at you in a completely different way than they look at the mailroom guy.

So it's no surprise chief executive types end up settling down with women who are as beautiful on the outside as they surely must be within. With that, we present Asylum's take on the hottest CEO wives. If you happen to be a powerful corporate boss whose wife isn't listed, we simply couldn't find the right picture. In other words, please don't have us fired.,feedConfig,entry&id=357190&pid=357189&uts=1251317719
Hottest CEO Wives
Click on the gallery and see our picks for hottest Chief Executive Wives. It's good to be the boss.
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The 15 Hottest CEO Wives

    15. Stephanie Seymour After a tumultuous relationship with tortured rocker Axl Rose, this Victoria's Secret model went in a completely different direction and married White Birch Paper CEO Peter Brant.

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    14. Erica Baxter James Packer is Australia's richest man worth an estimated $7 billion. However, we'd like to think it was just his sparkling personality that helped him land this model/singer.

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    13. Willow Bay With a name that sounds like a Disney character, it's not surprisingly that the TV personality attracted the head of the Walt Disney Company, Robert Iger.

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    12. Kathy Freston The self-help guru and former Ford model still knows how to strike a pose. Not pictured is her television executive hubby Tom Freston, who was Viacom's CEO between 2005 and 2006.

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    11. Lucy Southworth Google co-founder Larry Page did a search and came up with this Stanford doctoral student.

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    10. Salma Hayek After breaking up for a stretch, the actress married PPR CEO François-Henri Pinaultin in early 2009. The pair have a child together, but it's virtually impossible that the youngster could grow up to be luckier than her father.

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    9. Veronica Lario The wife of business tycoon (and Italian Prime Minister) Silvio Berlusconi, is still turning heads at 52.

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    8. Gail Golden Before marrying corporate raider Carl Icahn, Golden was his longtime executive assistant, proving the way to a businessman's heart is through his office.

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    7. Kristy Roper This former Miss U.K. shows a little bit of what makes hubby Ernesto Bertarelli, CEO of a Swiss biotech company, such a lucky guy.

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    6. Ellen Barkin The actress and Revlon boss Ron Perlman were the toast of high society between 2000 and 2006. Their mix of beauty and business acumen proved combustible, and they are still suing each other two years after the divorce.

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