Today is Andrew Dice Clay's birthday, so our annual in-office screening of "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane" will most likely commence very shortly. As masochistic as the activity sounds, it's actually quite interesting to study the 1990 film and speculate about what exactly the Diceman was trying to convey with his wardrobe. It yields so many questions, but very few answers.

Clay is far from alone in the questionable fashionable choices made by comedians. When looking back, the attire that may have once seemed in the spirit of comedy comes across like some perverse version of a clown suit. And as we all know, clowns are far more creepy than funny.

In the gallery below, we've compiled 15 of those comic fashions that probably shouldn't have seen the spotlight.

Comic Fashions that Bombed

    15. Robin Williams admitted to being a cocaine user early in his career, so that's probably at least partially responsible for this get-up. However, there's no accounting for why he wore that sweater underneath his long sleeve tee.

    Ron Galella, WireImage

    14. Sam Kinison's star burned brightly during his all-too-brief career. If he were still alive today, it's safe to say he would've continued to develop the gypsy pirate look.

    Kevin Winter, Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

    13. Early Carrot Top. Disaster.

    Roger Williams, ZUMA Press

    12. New Carrot Top. Performance-enhanced disaster.

    Mark Davis, Getty Images

    11. Remember when Howie Mandel used to bedazzle his blazer with costume jewelry? Sadly, yes. Sorry, but no deal, Howie.

    George Rose, Getty Images

    10. Here Paula Poundstone tries to not only elicit laughter, but also epileptic seizures.

    Getty Images

    9. Ellen DeGeneres is currently hosting one of TV's most popular talk shows. Early on though, she garnered fans with stand-up chops seemingly delivered by a 1920s-era paper boy.

    Ron Galella, WireImage

    8. Margaret Cho has never been one to hold back. There are times when that strategy has backfired ... badly.

    Vince Bucci, Getty Images

    7. We have to question Bobcat Goldthwait's use of clashing colors and oversized-bow tie to score chicks, but if it got Mrs. Brady in the sack, you can't argue with success.

    Time Life Pictures, Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

    6. A shirt and tie is not the right style if your shtick is predominantly flatulence-inspired, but Larry the Cable Guy does attempt to clean up from time to time. Here, Mr. Cable Guy, shows off the finest of his threads -- the sleeveless button-up with American flag horse embroidery -- providing a sense of his patriotism and armpit hair.

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images