Post-it notes are often thought of as a way to feel as though you're not procrastinating, while actually oppressively inundating yourself with an onslaught of minor tasks. For that simple reason, Post-its take on an implicit meaning that makes them a very appealing medium for some artists.

From decorative vistas to conceptual pieces, we've found various examples of how these little office assistants have been transformed into artistic statements. We encourage you to check out the gallery below to see for yourself, and also encourage you to attempt a few of these creations in your co-worker's cubicle on their day off. We're sure they'll appreciate the effort.

Post-it Note Art

    Designer/artist Costas Voyatzis created this piece, called Daydream of the Faceless Worker". He wrote poems on at least 400 squares. Post-it count: 4,000

    kostas voyatzis

    This Flickr user gets points for artistic statement - folded birds, one for every workday at a boring summer job. Then the artist flits off to new adventures, and we hate him/her for this display of free spirit. Post-it count: 55

    Art Collaborative Illegal Artset up this public art installation and encouraged New Yorkers to write their own mini to-do lists as a part of the giant to-do. Post-it count: 6,200

    Illegal Art

    Entering Turtleland features art with an Asian theme, including a gallery of detailed post-it pencils sketches. Post-it count: 20


    The name of this NSFW site, Naked Chicks on Post-it Notes, says it all, although they aren't all naked and it's more artistic than post-it porn. That must be a site somewhere too. Post-it count: 830


    The Phoenix is the bird that is reborn from its own ashes, and is done very well as a post-it note sculpture.


    The colors are a little garish but this is Mount Shasta is a fine step in the tradition of cheesy mountain art. All that's missing is the giant cloud that supposedly hide the alien spaceships that are said to cover this California peak. Post-it count: 10,000

    NES hero Mega Man is featured here in all his 8-bit glory. It's about 6 feet tall. It's a wonder the creator is not scared by this every single morning.

    To you this might scream "fire hazard" but if you use those CFL bulbs you might be okay doing this to your lamp If you keep a few different color packs on hand you can change it for your various moods.

    Purple Slinky

    Artist Candy Chang created this public art, calledI've Lived.. Shaped as a house, each square let Brooklyn's citizens post where they live, for how long, and for how much rent, satisfying each other's constant desire to know who has the best real estate deal.

    Candy Chang