Get ready, because over the next few weeks, your neighbors are going to be bringing the scary. From hangings to blood-soaked disembowelments, nothing will be off limits when your fellow townspeople begin adorning their front lawns in preparation for Halloween.

Even a traditional jack-o'-lantern may be creatively carved to look like it's projectile vomiting. And while that may not be all that frightening (borderline disgusting actually), most people won't let those sorts of details get in the way.

That's why we're kicking off the Halloween season by offering up a Frankensteinian gallery of over-the-top All Hallow's Eve decor. We promise it won't scare you too much, unless you happen to be phobic about displays lacking any subtlety whatsoever.

Seen any over-the-top displays in your neck of the woods? Tell us about them in the comments. (And if you haven't started shopping for own disgusting decor, check out AOL shopping for some ideas -- who knows, maybe you'll out-gross the neighbors.),feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=747477&pid=747476&uts=1255548670

Over-the-Top Halloween Decor

    This creative lawn decor is probably not so amusing to people who live in tornado-prone areas.


    Stop pumpkin-on-pumpkin violence before it destroys your community.

    Nothing says Halloween like an overall-clad skeleton and fishing implements.

    Sad proof that UFOs should have standard airbags.

    For Halloween 2006, a Los Angeles man used real airplane parts to make his lawn look like a crash site. Cool idea, though it got weird when he simply strung it up with lights for his Christmas display.


    Jack had a little too much punch, and the morning after the Halloween party wasn't pretty.

    We don't know what's scarier -- the PVC pipe steed or the fact that the headless horseman is wearing Keds.

    Mike Voight, Idaho Press-Tribune / AP

    The owner of this house may be giving out treats, but a nasty trick is on the way. It's called an electric bill.

    Dawn Villella, AP

    The uniform and hard hat lead us to believe this may actually be a protest of OSHA's workplace safety oversights.


    This ship bow in Monrovia, Cal. is inhabited with jack-o'-lantern pirates. Not coincidentally, the house behind it is inhabited by people who have way too much time on their hands.