(Our round-up of celeb gossip so you can keep up with your girlfriend.)

Jamie-Lynn Spears is not pregnant. (Celeb Parasite)

Gerard Butler is under investigation for assaulting a photographer. (The Blemish)

Travis Barker gave his first interview since the plane crash. (The Superficial)

The Foo Fighters objected to John McCain's use of their song. (Popeater)

Britney Spears got into a fender bender. (TMZ)

Beyonce opened up about her secret wedding. (People)

Lindsay Lohan went out without a bra again. NSFW (Derober)

Courteney Cox admitted to having Botox. (I'm Not Obsessed)

OMG! Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas have broken up. (Ninja Dude)

Milo Ventimiglia got into a lightsaber duel for a "Star Wars" fan contest. (Topless Robot)

"Lost"'s Driveshaft is one of the 25 coolest fake bands. (EW)