We've always assumed that humans will eventually fly everywhere, so when the footwear of the future is discussed, we usually excuse ourselves to scoff at such precious naiveté.

But now that Adidas is working with kick designer Fritz Träumer on a special collaboration called "All Day I Dream About Sneakers," we may have to reconsider the concept. The artist has a great sense of humor and plays with various conceptualizations of the sneaker -- as a robot, advanced weaponry, an iguana or, naturally, a tree. We only hope the sidewalks of the future can automatically dispose of the dog poop that might mess up such fancy sneaks.

Lifelounge has a gallery of the futuristic, weird and impossible Adidas kicks. And soon, the project will be coming out as a book, available in select Adidas stores. For the time being, you can download it as a PDF from Lifelounge, which also offers a hi-res wallpaper. We suggest the Synth.