The big political news of the weekend was Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama. While it wasn't exactly a surprise -- the Internet had been buzzing about the famed general crossing party lines to endorse the Illinois Senator since August -- the conventional wisdom is that Powell's announcement will damage his old friend John McCain's candidacy.

This prediction contradicts the previously held belief among Washington insiders that individual endorsements rarely, if ever, move the polls. But whether they do or don't, we can all agree that political endorsement can be noteworthy and fun.

Who endorses better, Chuck Norris, Scarlett Johansson or Pat Roberston? Find out which endorsements polled the highest in the Asylum offices after the jump.

Pat Robertson for Rudy Giuliani
It struck many as odd that the conservative televangelist endorsed a candidate who not only enjoys cross-dressing, but once moved into the apartment of a nice gay couple after his wife gave him the boot for infidelity. Giuliani's personal life would make for a great sitcom -- and not one that would ever be televised on Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network.

Shirley MacLaine for Dennis Kucinich

The actress is always quick to heap praise upon Kucinich, her old friend. But she probably said too much when she revealed that, during a visit to her home, Kucinich had a UFO encounter and found it "extremely moving." The Ohio Congressman was already having a hard time getting people to take his candidacy seriously.

The Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild for anyone who isn't named Barack Obama
De Rothschild, an American citizen who lives in a castle in England, made waves for first endorsing Hillary Clinton, and then jumping to John McCain. The reason The Lady gave for her party-shifting double-diss of Barack Obama is that she found him too much of "an elitist." You can't make this stuff up.

Scarlett Johansson for Barack Obama

Throughout the campaign, the sultry actress's effusive praise of the Illinois Senator has blurred the line between political endorser and potential stalker. Johansson even proudly gushed to the press about how Obama is always able to find the time to return her personal e-mails. Obama denied they ever had such an electronic relationship. But, as a married man, he would.

Chuck Norris for Mike Huckabee

Chuck Norris gave the rare endorsement that actually raised the profile of the candidate he was vouching for. While it didn't boost Huckabee enough to snag the GOP nomination, the former Arkansas governor is now a household name and has a swanky new show on Fox News. In the 2012 election, look for all dark horse candidates to trot out kitschy pop-culture endorsements.