Somewhere deep in the minds of young boys is an unstoppable desire to collect things. For many of us, this obsession spurred a relationship with the Topps Company that was not unlike a drug addict and dealer. The pusher's baseball cards provided that sweet, sweet fix for the most part, but Topps also had other products that allowed us to chase the collecting dragon. One particular favorite was their series of Wacky Packages stickers.

First launched in 1967 and sporadically thereafter, Wacky Packages spoofed grocery item packaging with the sort of humor that only a child can truly appreciate. The stickers were so successful in fact, that for their first two years, the line was the only Topps product ever to achieve sales higher than their baseball cards.

The publishers at Abrams recently put together a collection for the 35th anniversary. You can click on the gallery below if you'd like to see some of the classic Wacky Packs, but please be careful not to relapse.