Let's say you wanted to get into the social networking scene, but you don't have any friends or are fed up with your current batch of acquaintances. Would you pay for someone else's profile?

An entrepreneur from Massachusetts is selling his profile for a lean $73,000 (a portion of which will go to charity). His pitch reads like this: "You see, I recently graduated from an expensive school and now I've got $73,000 in student loans. Yup, it totally sucks. I've got a job but I won't be able to follow my dreams for at least 10 years while I pay off these f*****s. This is an entirely legitimate deal. I will hand over the username and password for my current and only Facebook profile immediately upon receipt of payment. You'll have full access to hundreds of friends and photos instantly. And let me tell you, I have invested quite a bit of myself in keeping my page up to date and have several photos that were flagged to be taken down because they were too racy/extreme/awesome."

Should you want to drop a bid, the auction ends November 1st. Before then, we really hope lawmakers will re-examine ways to enhance laws against social networking for sex criminals, especially ones who've got a spare 73 large.

UPDATE: Ebay administrators pulled the ad before a winning bidder could be established, officially leaving us all out of friend-finding options.