(Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.)

Men will spend more money on a women who wears red, according to the first study documenting the role of color in relationship behavior.

Psychologists at the University of Rochester ran a variety of experiments on how colors affect male attitudes toward women, and found that the presence of the color red always caused men to rate women as more attractive. Ladies don't even have to be wearing red clothing, as the researchers were also able to get this result just by showing men a red-framed picture of a woman as opposed to a white-framed one.

Furthermore, in a hypothetical scenario in which a man has $100 in his wallet for a date, the study found a guy is willing to spend a larger portion of that sum as long as the color red is in the equation.

So whenever a red-adorned lass ambles your way, make sure to start thinking really hard about baseball. Your financial solvency could depend on it.

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