Sex and drugs, drugs and sex. These two vices seem to circle each other like fighting dogs. But after watching "Choke" this past week, we were struck by an interesting thought -- would it be better to have sex to support your drug addiction ($10 HJs, anyone?) or sell drugs to support your sex addiction (which would make a great movie)?

Assuming you are cursed with an addictive personality and a constant drumbeat of insatiable urges, on which side of the sex-for-drugs or drugs-for-sex trade would you rather land on?

We ponder this mind-and-body-numbing conundrum and its salacious ramifications after the jump

Sex for Drugs OR Drugs for Sex

Selling your body will shatter your reputation.

Someone who sells their body for any reason will be labeled a whore, and whores are considered among the dregs of society. Drug dealers, on the other hand, are kind of seen as being cool because of their subversive nature and business acumen.

However ...
Look at "Pretty Woman." Women love Julie Roberts for portraying a prostitute, so maybe they'll love you for actually having been a prostitute?

Nobody takes sex addiction seriously.
If you tell a judge or jury you got into prostitution because you needed to support your drug habit, you will elicit a bit of sympathy. If you tell them you got into drug dealing to support your sex addiction they will laugh at you, and perhaps even make jokes about how there will be plenty of opportunities to have sex in prison.

But you would have Hollywood on your side.
Through their tabloid struggles, stars like David Duchovny and Michael Douglas have been hard at work raising awareness for the devastating disease that is sex addiction

Trading drugs for sex is a lousy deal
By trading sex for drugs, you are able to acquire a commodity that everyone else has to pay hard currency for. Yet, anyone trading drugs for sex is essentially paying for something which plenty of folks get for free. So maybe the drug-slinging sex addict should take a few seduction courses and not risk the jail time.

Nevertheless ...
The kind of romantic entanglement regular civilians involve themselves in even when they pursue casual sex would probably crimp the ability of the sex addict to keep the beast well-fed.