style=One more reason to love the BBWs -- a new study reveals that overweight women have more sex than their "normal weight" counterparts. The data discounted stereotypes that slender women are luckier in lust, since plus-size ladies were more likely to report having sexual intercourse with a man. To which we say: Way ahead of you, science. Check our gallery of sexy plus-size models below.,feedConfig,entry&id=358890&pid=358889&uts=1251316120
Big Beautiful Women
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BBW -- 15 Hottest Plus-Size Models

    15. Barbara Brickner is one of the biggest names in plus-size modeling, with a 10+ year career that's as healthy as her physique.

    14. Ireland's Charlotte Coyle models for goth-y plus-size mainstay Torrid, and hosted a U.K. reality show in 2006 called Fat Beauty Contest.

    13. Brazilian Fluvia Lucerda shows that her country has the stronghold on hot models of all sizes.

    12. Johanna Dray of France busted into notoriously thin high fashion by appearing in John Galliano's "Everybody is Beautiful" show and subsequent French Vogue editorial.

    Close Models

    11. Up-and-comer Justine Legault hails from Canada, where they apparently loll about the bedroom without any clothing.

    10. You only need one name when you're as stunning as Canadian model Liis.

    9. Once anorexic, Crystal Renn scored layouts in Vogue's U.S., Italian, French and German editions after going plus-size. The smoking Renn has even been on "Oprah," where she discussed body issues.

    8. Natalie Laughlin was the first plus-size model to be on a billboard in Times Square -- she consequently earned four more.

    7. Christina Schmidt played a plus-size model on "Degrassi: The Next Generation." Fans liked her so much she was signed by Wilhelmina.

    6. 21-year-old Whitney Thompson.