There may be no better way to help improve the world than volunteerism. Helping those less fortunate, supporting your community, building your self-esteem -- these are wonderful reasons for donating your precious free time. But what might also drive droves of young people to far-flung and next-door volunteer projects is the same thing that gets them out to the bars: the opportunity to hook up.

But before you sign up for four hours every other Saturday with a 13-year-old boy, check out our definitive list of the best volunteer jobs for meeting lovely, civic-minded women-women who are even allowed to leave the hospital when visiting times are over.

Best Places to Volunteer & Meet Women

    Spending time with old people: It seems to attract more women volunteers than men, and it's also a good place to potentially score a cougar or sugar momma.

    WIlliam West, AFP / Getty Images

    Pet shelters: Most have opportunities for volunteers to walk dogs, so it's a combination of conversation-starter ("Ooh, can I pet your dog?") and altruism ("I'm actually just walking him; poor guy was abondoned."). Bonus for caring for blind or animals or animals with missing limbs.

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    Dress for Success: Not surprisingly, another female-dominated charity. Get a date with a woman on the rise.

    Diane Bondareff, AP

    Nature conservation: You don't have to be a greenie -- or all Greenpeace-y -- to want to preserve nature. The activity level is minimal, maximizing your conversation level with the sorority girls who adopted the highway.


    Religious organizations: Not a good bet for one-night stands, but religious institutions are hotbeds of compassion and active assistance to their communities through clothing drives, soup kitchens and more. They also have regular events for young people to get involved ... (often with each other).

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    Political campaigns: Passionate girls who share your political proclivities, plus election-time stress in need of stress relief. More females than males volunteer, and very often you'll find a large contingent of college co-eds who look up to well-spoken non-freshman.

    Kristen Hines, AP

    Pose for photographer Spencer Tunick: Tunick is world-famous for creating art out of massive nude photo sessions, including this one to call attention to global warming and its impact on glaciers. There may be no greater ice-breaker than posing buck naked with other volunteers.

    Laurent Gillieron, Keystone / AP

    Museums: Another female-dominated volunteer industry, with enough quiet downtime in a beautiful setting to allow for cultured talk.

    Seth Perlman, AP

    Rebuild projects: Not necessarily a good numbers game, but potential for long-term work over several days (and leisurely afternoons/nights) make for establishing relationships with women of substance. Gratuitous displays of masculinity (strength, fix-it, power tools) bring all the girls to the yard.

    John Froschauer, ING Direct / AP

    AVOID: Anything to do with kids -- volunteer opportunities that involve talking to kids means that much more time you won't be interacting with single women. While tutoring, mentoring, Big Brothering, are wonderful for the children, they may not help much in the romantic department.

    Andy Wong, AP