A History of Cheerleading Scandals

    The ASU Scandal When photos of these six Arizona State University cheerleaders in their underwear surfaced in May, Arizona State University cut their entire cheerleading program.


    The Indiana U Scandal Nude photos of this Indiana University cheerleader were either stolen from her hard drive, or posted online by an ex-boyfriend, depending in whose story you believe. According to the girl's mother, she was consequently harassed so much that she had to leave Indiana for California.


    The OCC Dancers ScandalThe Orange Coast College dancers, after nine consecutive championships, were shamed by released pictures showing nipple piercings, girl-girl kissing and nudity.


    The Sacramento Kings Dancers Scandal After a handful of racy photographs of the Sacramento Kings dancers drinking alcohol and posing in G-strings surfaced on the Internet in February, Kings officials said the women "do not adhere to the principles and values of the Sacramento Kings organization."


    The Washington Wizards Scandal Perhaps the tamest of all, the Wizards cheerleaders were photographed drinking to the point of passing out and mooning one another in a limo.


    For the updated gallery of Winnipeg's Blue Bombers cheerleaders, click here.


The NBA season is up and running, which means it's time to once again look to the hardwood during commercials and time-outs. For it's during these breaks in the action that we get to scout out some of the season's most promising up-and-coming talent. We are, of course, talking about checking out each franchise's dance team, and it's never too early to start examining the ladies' moves in order to be an informed voter come playoff time, when NBA.com has it's fan-favorite dance team bracket.

The Miami Heat Dancers have a three-peat going and are currently looking to extend their domination. However, there's speculation (mainly by us) that the upstart Atlanta Hawk's A-Town Dancers could give them some serious competition when it comes to crunch time, i.e., that crucial moment when bouncing cleavage and swaying hips are really tested.

To help you choose your early season favorite in our poll, we've dished off an assist of last season's eight finalists in the gallery above. If you're favorite NBA dance team is unjustly sitting this one out, let us know in the comments.