Hungarian teens playing a game of Truth or Dare at their school were greeted to a surprise recently, when a teacher joined in and showed off her striptease skills. Parents were outraged, but the local education officials have no plans to fire the sexy twentysomething school marm. Click here to see video of the incident (SFW).

This hot teacher may have been inappropriate, but at least she wasn't felonious like the babes in our "mugshot hotties" gallery.

Hottie Mugshots

    Before they were famous, Hugh Hefner's new twin girlfriends Karissa and Kristina Shannon, 19, were arrested in 2007 after a bar fight. Double your pleasure, double your felony aggravated battery.

    She really has that "girl next cell" quality, don't you think?

    Hey baby, why the long face?

    So sultry. She must've been booked for a crime of passion.

    We know this type. Crazy and crazy in bed. You want to break up with her, but you're afraid of her reaction. We don't blame you.

    If you want to impress the jury it helps to button up your housecoat.

    Is it us, or does she look like Eva Longoria's naughty little sister? Score!

    Hello, kitty! Bringing cute back to the booking room.

    A former child beauty pageant star, Karen still loved having her picture made, regardless of where it was.

    She's a 9. And this is a bad day. On a good day, she's a 15.