A few weeks ago, we declared ourselves officially hot for the lovely Lizzy Caplan. She has continued to grow in our estimation by baring it all three weeks running on HBO's small-town vampire drama "True Blood." Well it turns out she likes us back! We talked to the crushworthy actress about doing vamp blood, the right way to kiss and showing her boobs on TV.

So how's it going on "True Blood"?

The best thing about it is that it's really really different from anything else that I've ever done, ever. Girls that speak in metaphors about the Earth and sh*t I'm equally as annoyed by them as anybody else, so it's especially weird to play that.

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What's up with all the nudity?

I've never done nudity before so it is kind of traumatic to do it, but after the first time it was like 'Oh, this is not bad at all.' Then I realized, 'Oh, f*ck, this is gonna be on television. And people are gonna see this. Jesus.' So it was a little scary but I think I'm kind of over it now. I'm glad I did it. "It was sort of a moment of invincibility like 'Oh, s-, I can pull this off. It's fine.'

Are you worried people are going to approach you and be like "Hi, I've seen your boobs?"

I really have never been cast in a role like this so I'm kind of unprepared for what it may yield. I guess the strange thing is my friend's fathers are watching this. That's gotta be weird. My father is adorable and he called me last night and was like, "Is this an episode that I can watch?" and I was like, 'No, Dad, you do not want to watch this.' He's super uncomfortable. We kind of tiptoe around the issue.

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Is it strange to have weirdo creeps like us ogling you on the Internet?
It seems to be complimentary so I guess that's alright. I think if people were saying really nasty sh*t about me I would probably lock myself in the closet. I haven't really dug too deep into the message boards because I know I'll just find one comment that's mean and I'll cry.

Is it weird to shoot the sex scenes?
It's surprisingly fun, actually. You'd think you'd feel awkward because there's just a bunch of dudes standing around watching. But it's this weirdly liberating thing. It's preposterous that you show up and you're in a room full of people watching you simulate sex.

What makes a good makeout scene?
I always think it's totally bizarre when you're in your 20s or older and you haven't figured out how to kiss properly. I guess the basic no-no is you don't do the stabby tongue and you don't do the hard tongue. It's shocking when that happens. I want to be like are you kidding? Or are you for real?

What real drug do you think doing vamp blood is like?
I think that the most accurate thing would be like ecstasy with like mushrooms maybe. You definitely see a lot of crazy sh*t but very ecstasy-based.