melanie nunesThere's something about the butt that inspires the imagination, and reaches deep inside one's soul. We've often wept at the sight of a transcendent one.

The newest muse of rear-end enthusiasts will likely be Brazilian Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak (heinie pictured here), who was recently deemed the owner of the most beautiful female butt in the world. Nunes was chosen over contestants from 26 countries, winning nearly $19,000 as well as a modeling contract from underwear-maker and contest sponsor, Sloggi. Frenchman Saiba Bombote won the male prize, but really, who cares about him?

Over 11,200 people sent photographs of their backsides to be entered in the contest, and their pictures received more than 31.8 million votes. Finalists made their case in a choreographed runway show in Paris.

Questioned Raised: Is Nunes' derriere truly that incredible? If you need help deciding, check out the images below.

best butt competitionbest butt competitionbest butt competition