The Scuderia Spider from Ferrari -- going for about $300,000 -- will come with a 16 GB iPod touch, preloaded with various Ferrari themes. But how does this compare with this month's Mac Chick, Becky Ellis, a 19-year-old model from Liverpool?

Which fully loaded beauty would you like to integrate into your life? Choose carefully when you vote, and don't tell us that if you get the car you can pick up the girl. That's like using one of your three wishes from the genie to get unlimited wishes.

Ferrari Spider
Pro: Comes with an integrated iPod Touch (docked in the dashboard).
Con: Yellow? That's for school buses and taxis.
Pro: Limited edition -- only 499 made means you'll be unique.
Con: Playing with your new Touch might make you crash and burn your $277,000 car.

Mac Chick Becky
Pro: Likes to study in underwear.
Con: Studies enough she might be too busy for you.
Pro: Prefers to hang out in bed and watch TV (also in lingerie).
Con: Is one of those boring Mac-obsessives.
Click here to see another pic of Becky or visit her revealing site.

Another shot of wholesome Becky, studying in her lingerie.