Don't let the name confuse you -- the Australian Sex Party isn't a wild masquerade ball full of glow sticks and free love -- it's actually the latest voting bloc to hit Australian ballots.

The party, with the slogan "we're serious about sex," chose the salacious name to stand out from less provocatively named political parties and to gain attention for their cause.

"We felt that -- sex in a crowded room -- now we've got your attention. It's half the problem with politicians, because they still giggle when they say the word sex, and that's why we have such idiotic policies at state and federal levels," said party convener Fiona Patten.

Among other censorship and sex education issues, the sex party is concerned about Australia's proposed mandatory Internet filter, which will block over 10,000 Web sites from computers down under. Ms. Patten predicts the party will have 500 members by its Thursday launch at the Melbourne Sexpo.